Using Drones for Hunting

As we look around us, we can see technology progressing at a phenomenal, yet terrifying rate. One of the many things this rapid progress has given us is drones. Drones, as an idea, were conceived in what seems like yesterday, yet they have branched out to fields no one ever imagined they would be used in. One of the latest applications of this tech is coming into the limelight- drone hunting. Yes, you heard that right – hunting using drones.

At first glance, drones may seem like the perfect companions for exotic hunting. They are silent, nimble and extremely fast – perfect
for tracking quick-footed animals and birds, but this new tech faces some opposition. People who oppose using drones to hunt animals say that hunters using said technology have access to easier methods, negating the spirit of “fair chase.” Hunting large animals such as deers becomes exceedingly easy when sing drones, as not only are they tagged, but their location can be determined remotely and accurately.


The provincial Wildlife act prevents the use of an aerial vehicle to hunt or chase wildlife. Although drones are not particularly mentioned as forbidden, many hunters believe they should be. Right now, drone hunting is not used for anything more than small mammals – mice and rabbits and the sort, but as the act is becoming more and more famous, seasoned hunters have started to wonder how long it is before drones are used to take out big game as well. Many animals have now a new apex predator – technology. Not only are animals in danger due to drone hunting, but so are many people’s jobs. Guides and outfitters, to name a few, are starting to feel threatened by these machines, fearing that they will cost them their businesses. But as any proper debate does, this story has two distinct perspectives. Those who are in favour of the usage of drones see these tiny unmanned vehicles opening up a world of opportunities. No longer will they have to go scout the hunting lands before the season drops. They can sit comfortably in one stationary spot, surveying the entire hunting ground.


Drone hunting supporters also point out that hunting is no stranger to the use of tech, with hunters frequently using trail cameras, mobile apps, and GPS devices to assist them. Thus, drones can be seen as “just another piece of gear.” These so-called “modern hunters” have been outfitting drones with more and more advanced technology, hoping to finally being able to hunt without getting their shoes dirty. The major problem though, lies in the fact that this technology can be used to devastating results. Poachers, for one, can now track particular animals with much more ease. Where they required gathering a lot of handymen just to scout the field before, now they can just employ an army of drones, which’ll do the job equally well, if not better.

The point which many hunting veterans are trying to get across is that hunting requires a hunter to do his homework. It’s not as easy as sitting at home, controlling a flying camera. This brings up the point of trail cameras – to which the owner of an outfitting store in Texas says that they’re not counted as a hunter is still required to do the legwork to set them up and prime them. The introduction of drone hunting may end up being a turning point in the act of hunting itself, shifting more towards smart technological aids than brute manual labour and instinct.


Many hunters are now driving game towards them using drones before killing them, completely eliminating the need to go out into the field. While this is the civilian side of the drone hunting debate, the legal side is completely different.The legal age at which a UAS drone can be registered is 13. Registering costs just $5, and failure to pay the same may result in charges up to $27,000, and/or criminal penalties up to $250,000 in fines, and a maximum of three years in prison. Drone hunting is completely unopposed from a legal standpoint, though the number of accidents with drones in recent years has skyrocketed. Despite this, it is illegal to shoot down a drone from the sky, just as it is for a helicopter. The drone debate rages on, with both sides providing equally compelling arguments, but something that can’t be denied it that drones will end up changing the art of hunting, for better or for worse.

The Benefits of Insulation

Whether you live in a million pound town home, or a small one bedroom apartment, making sure that it is as energy efficient as possible should be an important task regardless of how much income you have. Most homes today are constructed by a commercial contractor in such a way that they require less energy than those that were built a generation ago. One way in which you can help to reduce heating and cooling costs is to install double glazed windows.

You probably think that double glazed windows have been around for many years, this is true, but the new technology that is used in the designs has made them an even more attractive option. The basic design is the same; they incorporate two independent panes of glass held in a single frame, between which is a non-toxic gas such as oxygen or argon. Apart from the way in which they promote energy efficiency, they also provide homeowners with other benefits, for instance about reducing noise pollution and enhancing security.


Your home’s windows are one of the major factors that determine how warm the air in particular rooms is. The gas that is situated in-between the two glass panels helps to reduce the transfer of heat from indoors to out, and vice versa. Insulation is the key to stopping heat loss.

It is suggested that a typical utility bill can be reduced by the as large amount as twenty percent if a home is fitted with new window designs. As the average electricity bill in England now tops two thousand pounds annually, the savings that are on offer are too great to be ignored.

Another advantage that can be had with this window design is noise reduction. If you enjoy peace, the constant drone from outside can be extremely frustrating. If your home is close to a busy road, or a school or factory, the non-stop noise may drive you crazy. With a new window design installed in each of your rooms, the sound waves would not be able to enter the property so easily. For a relatively small investment, quality of life can be dramatically enhanced.

With crime rates on the rise both in rural and urban areas, the potential risk of a burglar trying to enter your home is high, for this reason, it is essential that you take steps that can help boost the security of your residence. A window can be a weak point that is targeted by would-be intruders.

It is important to consider changing any locks or windows that are more than fifteen years old. The latest frames and pane designs are a lot harder to tamper with. Therefore they are in themselves a deterrent to a thief.


When considering different designs of double glazed windows, you should not overlook the choice of frame. The frames chosen should suit the look and feel of your home, and be the right option for the local climate. By doing a fair amount of research, you can find a product that brings you many benefits.
The controls system in the application is also just about the same as it ever was, and also you can go back to the previous process if you got utilized to how the genuine Drone traveled. (Good on you if you did.) Thanks to a fresh indicator, the Drone 2.0 can even take flight higher than previously – reps would not point out accurately precisely how high, only that your Wi-Fi range is now likely the restricting issue.And that’s only mainly because we’re able to at long last take flight this one without threatening themselves and also naive bystanders.

The large opposite modifications in the brand new AR.Drone 2 easily answers about what buyers did not like with regards to the first version of the system. It is now better-built along with stronger (surprisingly just a few users had some destructive learning encounters using the Drone), and also Parrot likewise applied an HD camera that records 720p footage.

Drone company declared they were amazed at how much customers preferred recording and also spreading video from their Drone. Therefore, the producer beefed up the features – video in the camera appeared rather beneficial, even during not-so-great illumination, however, there is still very drone pictures stabilization sited, so it is quite shaky sometimes.

5 Characteristics of Aerial Photographs

Aerial photographs are images of a given landscape or geographical feature taken from aircrafts in the air, or sensors pointing down to the earth from a given distance above the ground. Depending on what time of the day they were taken, and the angle of capture, they easily make for some of the most beautiful pictures you can ever see. Often times, aerial photographs are taken to from various angles to help to facilitate the building of accurate maps.

Who Uses Aerial Photograph?

Mapmakers (also known as cartographers) are some of the most popular users of aerial photographs. This is majorly because the images of geographical features as seen from several feet above the ground provide more detailed information that they use to create more accurate maps. And while these photographs can also be taken for fun as in the case of camera drone enthusiasts; they have found commercial use in the hands of insurance companies during damage (claim) assessment following a natural disaster such as Katrina.

Aerial photography is also very useful to the movie industry as there are angles and distances which human photography cannot deal with. In the military, aerial  photographs are used to monitor enemy lines and espionage, while astrologers rely on it for taking photos of the earth and related bodies.

Characteristics of Aerial Photographs

Aerial photographs are often very beautiful and this is because of a number of characteristics which will be briefly discussed in this article.

Synoptic Viewpoint

What this means is that aerial photographs allow you to see a much wider field of view than regular photographs would let you see. When you look at an aerial photograph, view the world from the eyes of a bird. Think of yourself as a bird perching on a very high loft on the Empire State Building, looking at the great expanse of land and city a far as the horizon. This allows you to see several features of varying sizes at the same time; hence compare their spatial arrangements in the given context, and more.

Time Freezing Ability

No. They don’t have the ability to freeze minutes and hours into snowballs, but they can capture a moment that will last for a long time. Simply put, they give you an idea of what earthly conditions looked like at the time they were taken. As a result, they are referenced by cartographers, historians, archaeologists, astrologers and some other professionals, in studies and other activities.

3D Viewing

A simple photograph or passport shows features of the given object in just two dimensions (2D). With aerial photographs, however, a stereoscopic view is obtainable. This means in looking into an aerial photo, you will have an idea of all its three dimensions: length, width and height. The implication of this advanced view is that it becomes possible to estimate the geometrical dimensions of a given feature on the earth’s surface by looking at the photograph.

Spectral and Spatial Resolution

This is one of the main characteristic of photographs taken from several. While the human eye has a limited resolution when looking at a given object, aerial cameras don’t. They are sensitive to more light waves and radiations than the human eye; hence allow us appreciate the relative spacing and distance between various objects

Ability to Stop Action:

Aerial photographs – when properly taken – bring dynamic features such as a very fast-flowing stream, road traffic or forest fires, to a ‘halt’. The great distances from which the shots are taken is mostly responsible for the ‘stop’ effect. And the advantage of the ability of aerial photographs to stop action makes it possible to observe certain concepts that would otherwise be near impossible to study.

Photography as profession

It’s often rightly said that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This statement is in itself the essence of photography really.

To be sincere, most of us while growing up and going through formal education system never really thought much about photography as a profession. In fact during our high school days, dreams of pursuing photography as a profession were not that profound. Most students wanted to be doctors, engineers, teachers, music producers, lawyers, accountants and scientists among other professions.

The truth is photography has never really been considered to be among the traditional professions, which have been aforementioned. Photography has often been considered as a less version of the profession, a hobby. But isn’t a great way to build a profession out of a passion/hobby?

Because of the exponential growth of the fashion, media and advertising industry over the years, photography is rightly claiming its position as a major profession. Photography jobs are currently well paying even if for the fact that pays do vary from one location to another. For example, in the USA; New York, Hawaii and California are rated to be the best photographer paying states. In New York, an annual/hourly mean wage for a photographer is estimated at around $54,030/$25.98.

For the reason that of the increased development and complexity in the field of photography, many budding photographers are seeking formal education in that area by obtaining
relevant qualifications; certificates, diplomas and degrees.Another reason why many are also opting for formal training is that many potential employers are also increasingly looking for professionals with both the creative and technical aspect of photography.  Photography can be used in different businesses.

The requirements for enrolling in a photography course differs across the various levels it is offered. For example, photography option is often offered for a degree in fine arts. The personal skills required to be a professional photographer include; having the power to observe,great discipline and timing, a great eye for detail and a perceptive mind. There are various areas or scopes under which you can learn as a professional photographer. These include; commercial, advertising, fashion, freelance, scientific among other areas. You can make circle stickers and use them for your promotion.

In America there is The Professional Photographers of America group that certifies professional photographers.

How to Become a Successful Professional Photographer

I. Master the art of shooting incredible images and processing the image using the available simple and complex mastering programs such as Photoshop©.

II. Be consistent in producing quality work and in building social networks, a great marketing tool.

III. Getting mentored and inspired. If there’s anything that has really inspired human growth and development is our drive to be positively influenced, get an idea, to produce even greater idea/photographic work.

IV. Be and remain professional. Most of the highly thriving businesses have often mastered the art of being a professional. It’s not that an alien or complex thing, it often involves smaller but crucial things. These include; getting back to a client as soon as possible in case of a contact or a query, finding a way to make a work that didn’t satisfy a customer work, be organized and be presentable.

V. Post best works. Every time you are advertising yourself, you must put out your best photographic material on the various platforms available to be spotted by potential clients.

Even with the high paying nature of recent photography jobs, professional photographers have to contend with increased expenses. Perhaps, this could partly be
influenced by the complexity or professional level of the photography job. These added costs include; insurance, photo lab costs, purchasing software’s and software upgrades, licensing fees and of course, travel costs among other expenses. In spite of that, it is all worth the bother.

The solution to finances? Investment.

Financial literacy is unfortunately a topic that is not taught in schools and not a conversation that is brought up in most homes. There is a stigma around finances that luckily is getting addressed more and more often. Although a whole book could be written on the subject, we shall focus on what entails next in the conversation of finance and specifically investment. These can be classed into three subdivisions of: why should you invest, when to invest and finally how to invest. Being a financial planner can be difficult as well, but is do able in reality.

A. Why should you invest

1. Planning for the future.

Investing is the near perfect way to prepare yourself properly for your future. It guarantees a solid foundation on which to begin and live out your life. It enables you to make decisions based on the wants for your life such as when to retire and how to live out the rest of your livelihood.

2. Benefits you personally as well as future generations.

Almost all people want to have children. Investing is a way to ensure your family is taken care of as well as providing a spring board for your children to launch off from.

3. Risk management.

Investing could be considered the cure for risk. Life is like a roller coaster and as such, the lows of life can happen quick and unexpectedly. In the event you are unable to work or are unfortunately forced to leave your job, you have a nest egg to carry you through the transition period comfortably.

B. When to invest.

This particular area is largely dependent on your own personal goals and ambition. Although there is no perfect answer, the most appropriate would be to say that it is anytime. Specifically when you are able to earn an income. The magic of investment is in accumulation, which means you could start investing with the very least of amounts. As long as you apply the principles of patience and consistency, the rewards will surely follow. A good illustration would be to look at your investment portfolio as an army. A soldier can be used as the representation of a small amount, the more soldiers you add to your army, the stronger it will ultimately be.

C. How to invest

1.Banks and interest

One of the most basic ways to invest is to simply save money. The way to increase the value of saving is through interest. Banks allow a percentage of interest to the money you save with them depending on the length of time it is kept with them. Savings accounts are specifically designed for the purpose of saving funds and thus are a safe route as a starting point.

2. Stock market

Another option for the more seasoned investor is to invest in the stock market. This involves investing in a companies’ stock with the hope that the stock/share price will rise thus growing your investment. Luckily investment firms and brokers have the knowledge and exist with the aim of assisting individuals towards arming them with the arsenal to take on the finance game.

3. Assets

Assets can be simply defined as anything you own. Investing in these assets, especially those that mostly appreciate in value such as land or houses is almost a sure bet. Due to their nature, you are guaranteed a return and they provide alternatives to do something else with them such as build an apartment complex to rent out.

Investing is a topic we should all know and it is critical information that must be discussed and passed on. It provides the basis of financial freedom and the opportunity to build wealth.

Features of Online Marketing

marketing or online marketing is the business mantra for the day. Online
marketing is the practice of using all facets of online advertising and
publicity mechanisms to generate a promising response from your target
audience. It combines both the creative and technical aspects of being online,
including development, design, advertising, and marketing. Display advertising,
search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, and interactive
advertising also fall under the board spectrum of online marketing.



Features of
Online Marketing



Fast and easy
internet access




Online marketing
is a component of electronic commerce. Information management, customer
service, public relations, and sales are the various facets of online
marketing. Online marketing has become popular due to the fast and easy
internet access from anywhere in the world. With the rapidly shrinking global
business community, the right message and the right exposure is very important.




Several business 




Online marketing
has several business models. Among them, B2B (business-to-business) and B2C
(business-to-consumer) are the most applicable. B2B entails two business houses
connected with each other online and doing their business transactions over the
internet. When a business firm directly sells their products to the consumer or
end-user online, it is then called B2C online marketing.




Dynamic, fast and
very competitive




Online marketing
is dynamic, fast and very competitive. With a host of bidding options and
platform sites, both users and service providers can benefit from great rates,
transparency, quality check as well as volumes of business.








Compared with
other traditional media marketing options like television, radio, and print
online marketing yields faster results. It is more business oriented than being
just a brand campaign and has, therefore, become very popular with small and
medium businesses that have tighter marketing budgets. The cost of acquisition
is more fruitful than the traditional media. In the last decade, there has been
a rising shift in ad budget allocation for online marketing.

Using Internet Marketing As A Business Strategy

Internet marketing is the new trend in marketing these days. In the digital age every person is connected in some way to the internet or is in some form of social media. Any attempt to use the internet to promote your products is what is called internet marketing. It can be quite successful as a tool for marketing due to the large number of potential clients that the message could possibly reach. It is a revolutionary way of using internet technology to promote your products. The new trend is shopping reflects the migration of people from physical shops to looking to the internet for their shopping needs. This trend is the main factor that has made internet marketing methods more effective than contemporary methods. Some may prefer more visual work than reader though, make sure you speak to your client. You may use aerial photography or any other visual effects that you wish.

However online marketing can be quite the challenge. This is owing to the fact that there are tons and tons of information on the internet and the user is largely in charge of what they wish to view. This will make putting your products or services in front of potential customers quite challenging. You need to put in place strategies that work to make sure your information reaches your clientele. The following are strategies you can use for the same:

Be familiar with your audience
If you do not know your particular market, then all your marketing will probably amount to naught. This is because of the fact that your information may end up with uninterested viewers who will not appreciate the value of the message. Appointing a fancy research firm to identify your market for you could be one strategy but it is a complete waste of your money. Why spend money on a research firm when you can identify the market for yourself. Know the gender of your audience, the relative age group likely to be interested in your product, the economic status of people likely to purchase your products and what they are likely to be interested in. then after identifying the market, you spot out the most effective way to reach them. This may take a long while but it is worth the wait. Once you identify the market and the most effective ways to reach them you will be well set for success. Mark if they are more visual than a reader.

Put in place goals and reset them accordingly 
Before starting your online marketing platform, identify what you aim to achieve. It could be increased profits or it could be to increase customer awareness. Whatever you aim to achieve, set it out and out in place strategies to achieve those goals. If you attain the goals you set out to achieve, reset the goals to a higher target accordingly. This ensures you are always working towards something. It also helps you to measure your success.

Plan your budget
Now that you know your audience and you have put in place goals, make a budget for all the above. Planning a budget is a crucial part of any business strategy. The merits of internet marketing is you can work on a tight budget. There are several platforms that are available for free. However you should seriously consider the type of marketing and reach you want. There are limits to what the free platforms can offer. You need to consider what platforms can best serve your interests. Also do not hold back on spending some money.

Create a unique brand
SEO is the key to be successful on the internet. In the internet there are thousands of companies promoting their product on the internet. The competition is cut throat. For this reason you should create a website that will give the viewers an unforgettable experience. Design your website to be unique way to increase chances of increased viewership. Have a unique brand name. Make it different so it is not confused with any other brand. The way you would wish customers to view your brand is entirely on you. Work on the way that best suits you and stick with it. Recognize the importance of social media in the marketing industry. However also physically meet with clients to create a good rapport with them. In the initial process you will need to input a lot of man hours to this process. These reduce drastically as you establish yourself.

There are many means said for internet marketing. However many of them do not work. This is a compilation of the tested and approved methods.

The Use Of Drones In The Phography Industry

The aerial photography has forever changed thanks to the use of drones. These little devices have gotten so photographers can do without large helicopters that take pictures, democratized use to get spectacular images from the sky with our cameras.

dronesDrones are perfectly employable in almost all types of current photograph, from professional use to nature photography to record an original wedding story. We tell you below what you should know about drone photography at the equipment level and the most spectacular results that are being achieved.

What can you do with a drone?

Recordings with drones offer a peculiar result since the aerial view of the spaces offers much more complete information and an impressive aesthetic style. If we talk about the video, incorporating a camera with pivoting head, it allows us to make a stunning panoramic during flight.

Investing in a drone not only ensures that the equipment will be able to lift the necessary kilometer to fly but also significantly reduces the vibrations of the engines and maintain a better stability which gives more safety at the time of the image Be as stabilized as possible with a straight and clean path.

The drone equipped with various professional camera solution for images and videos in high resolution. The instrument allows approaching and reaching unthinkable places and discovering points of view until now unthinkable.

Drone Photography uses varies by:

1. commercials
2. aerial views for accommodation
3. high-resolution photos of accommodation facilities and historical sites or monuments
4. video documentaries of historical areas
5. monitoring
6. photos or videos to commercials
7. video and wedding photos

The drones can be used to make videos in full HD and RAW images. In the case of video can be integrated with various shooting images taken on the ground by exploiting shots made can steady and subsequent video editing. The drone can be configured in various ways to the shoot using different types of cameras, SLR Full Frame. The small size and high resolution allow images to work with a strong impact, evocative and often points to unique and exclusive views.

When in the presence of high voltage cables and special weather conditions such as wind gusts the services of the drone could be compromised and then or put off until more suitable conditions. Drone are highly used in inaccessible areas to create charming and unique images.

A maximum potential of the drone is to reach areas and places normally not visible. An example is the images of the Rock of Bering one, at the center of a protected area and accessible only on foot. The fortress is situated between the valleys of two rivers and is completely bare around in an isolated and dominant position on the surrounding territory. Thus, we can easily conclude that drones are way better than regular camera shoots and aerial photography by airplanes or helicopters. Drones are easier to carry, highly featured and can cater to all size of projects easily.

The Lure of the Craft

It is fascinating to take a photograph from far above, where people are like little ants, and buildings are like miniatures. Aerial photography allows you to do that and so much more! These photographs are taken from above the earth with a camera placed on aircraft, satellites, balloons, rockets, kites, skydivers, etc. The French airman Nadar took the first aerial photograph in 1858; a picture of Paris taken from a hot air balloon. In World War I, aerial photography was used for military purposes. The aviator Fred Zim was one the famous aerial photographers at that time. Today it is used such purposes as land-planning, cartography, movies, advertising, environmental studies, and more.
cameraThe technology available today has helped in advancing aerial photography. Low- altitude photographs are possible because of radio-controlled models, mounted on radio-controlled aircraft. These are useful for restricted areas and real estate photography. Larger aircraft with longer flight times and greater equipment payload help in photographing larger areas.
Remote photography is possible because of alien technology. The camera is away from the photographer on the outside of the aircraft and is activated remotely, using a mechanical or electronic shutter release. Computers, remote sensing, and GIS are being used today. This is especially useful for cartography. The GIS system integrates aerial photography, satellite data, and radar imagery into data layers. A data tape scans or reads these images.
Aerial photographers are highly trained, and they learn to look at the objects from a significant position overhead and interpret the scales. They also know how to record infrared wavelengths. While looking at aerial photographs, you should be aware of a few relevant factors. Understanding the size and tone, you will be able to differentiate the objects in the photograph for example, whether a body of water is a pond or a lake.
cameraBeing able to interpret the shape and the texture will help you recognize the landscape. For example, buildings have a geometrical aspect when you compare them to hills, and, of course, both will have different textures. Shadows will help in determining the height of an object. Patterns will help you identify where you are. A park will have an organized setting of trees, while in a forest the trees will be random. The geographical location or topography helps in recognizing landforms and vegetation. An example is the difference between deserts and valleys. Interpreters also look at the objects in association with others. For example, power plants will never be in the middle of a residential area.

Reasons to Pay a Professional Aerial Photographer

Professional photography is a talent that is craved for in most functions as people prefer quality pictures rather than out of focus photos. To get a picture worth a thousand words you need to find legitimate professional photographers. You might want to look in the internet or have a look at the website or visit the physical location of major photography associations or organisations, where one may find the members who have joined these groups across all of Canada. There is also a photographers market where photographers come to showcase there work and hopefully sell their pieces. There is also a professional photographers’ directory where you can find professional photographers around the world.

The professional best Dallas aerial photography have massive websites and liaisons with major photography institutions and are varied in different fields. They are categorized systematically, for example, if you want a wedding photographer, you may want to look for wedding photographers who specialize in weddings exclusively. Same case for wildlife photography, sequence shots, montages and so on. This is a very good and easy way to go about looking for photographers. This happens when the individual has enough experience to choose in which field he/she wants to venture in.

When choosing a professional photos, you should first consider the price that one photographer is charging. The photographer might be expensive or just pulling your chain with a price that is cannot be justified. Careful consideration has to be taken before going for any photographer; just like any other business. Good photographers are also those who run on a precise schedule, are organised and follows the work they are given. One can also check the validity of a good professional photographer. You should check for their education as they mostly place this in their websites. A professional photographer must have gone to the major institutions in the greater Canada or even the world. There are some schools that offer online photography courses, but truth be told, where will the practical sessions be and how effective will they be? A photographer who is an alumnus of a school with extensive practical sessions can be a source for your photography work.

A professional photographer should transacts honestly in every standard of the profession, will upgrade his/her skills every now and then through seminars and conventions, performs with the high standards of conduct that conforms to the code of ethics and will strive to produce better pictures than the one he/she displays. The photography industry, like most business is also competitive and it also needs professionals. So if you find a photographer who has been to a photographers, you better go for one that shows quality and professionalism rather than going for someone who instead will leave a bad taste in your mouth. If the price is right, you will not regret your decision. Know that cheap is expensive when you are looking for a good professional photographer.

When considering whether or not to hire a professional to capture your special occasion, there are many many good reasons to do so. If your budget will not stretch to it, then go ahead and ask a friend, relative to take pictures. However if you can afford a professional, it’s important to understand what you get in return for the fee to pay. And that should be something which enhances the experience and the memory of your special occasion, both in the preparation, the event itself and finally in terms of receiving something afterwards that is striking and enduring by which to remember the occasion.