Aerial and drone photography for your business

Introduction to aerial and drone photography

Aerial photography captures views that are impossible to gain from ground level. When used on business websites, these images afford numerous advantages about real estate stemming from the capability to capture property layout, size and geographic features from a unique vantage point. For real estate developers, there is little need to rely on blueprints and other visual images which do not have the capacity to relate the site to major roadways and local landmarks.

Regardless of whether building contractor businesses are involved with commercial or private building sites, aerial photographs afford the opportunity for investors to get the full picture during a video or other presentation format. Aerial photos may also help to reveal any short cuts being taken by construction crew members to circumvent building code requirements.

For businesses seeking marketing and branding assistance, aerial photography (a bird’s eye view) of a product or service affords the advantages cited in that adage that maintains a bird in the hand is worth more than one in a bush. A bird’s eye view captures views not available at ground level. Many golf course owners rely on photography to enable potential users to view the course layout and the quality of maintenance for greens and fairways. This provides potential members with the ability to play a “virtual” round of golf before they ever step foot on your course.

An aerial photograph of someone’s home, business or favorite hangout makes a unique and long-lasting gift especially when mounted and framed by a qualified professional. Aerial photos are useful to landscape design businesses since these photos are more effective than normal camera angles. A single aerial photo can help to show off that newly completed exterior renovation.

The capability of creating digital photographic images from jpeg involves far less time than that required to upload a picture to a website or combine with printed material such as brochures and maps. Businesses both new and established can benefit from the ability to display your business location in relationship to the surrounding area. Usage of photography allows your business to stay a step ahead of other businesses in the same overall genre.

How to use Aerial Photography and Drone Photography properly

They have become very popular, and people don’t do it only as a hobby, but now it has also been used for commercial purposes as well, thus photography has also become a profession for many numbers of people. The concept of photography is not a new one, and has been used for a long time now, but the popularity it has gained was never registered earlier. In the previous years, not many people used Photography but now the picture has changed altogether.


In today’s time, the accessibility and affordability of drones have given a new life to the art of photography, and there is ample number of options to make a mark in the field of aerial photography, for that reason there is a whole market for it, and people also take help of photography hire services‎.


The trend of photography and videography has emerged in many parts for low-altitude imagery with the use of light-weighted helicopter drones. This technology helps in taking some great and stunning aerial shots that can also be used for different commercial purposes, such as, real estate videos, construction videos, and films. There are many other uses of aerial photography and videography, but the already mentioned once are early adopters of the new technology.

Most of the demand comes from the real estate sector and natural resource management sector and the further demand is also expected from urban planning and the insurance fields.

As the photography and videography has become so popular, there are some factors which need to be taken care of, while choosing aerial production, let us have a look at some tips which will help you to make successful videos and pictures:

Type of Drone

The most necessary thing while doing Aerial Videography or Photography is the type of drone which needs to be used for shooting. The cheapest ones are the quadcopters as they are small and lightweight, but they have the problem of lack of stabilization. A gamble is a support system which is used to control the camera on a role and it also helps in compensating the movements of drone, and some better quality gimbals also pan and tilt the camera. A gimbal also stabilizes the camera to get some quality shots. A hexacopter along with a speedy gimbal can be the excellent choice for a flawless and good coverage. The weight of a hexacopter also stabilizes more than a quadcopter.

A Great Perspective

Aerial photography is defined as the taking of photographs from the air with a camera mounted or handheld on an aircraft, helicopter, spacecraft, balloon, rocket, kite, skydiver or similar airborne vehicle. Aerial photography is an important artistic and commercial skill, which was first developed by a French airman by the name of Felix Nadar who took his first aerial photos with perspective from a hot air balloon 1858.

aerial photographyThis new technology was first used extensively during World War I. Throughout World War II aerial photos were used extensively for military operations to spy on the enemy and assess their installations and ground fighting capabilities. These photographs provided realistic impressions of the topography as well as troop movement on the ground and potential targets in perspective. Once an attack against the enemy was complete aerial reconnaissance photographs were used to assess damage and to form an opinion as to the success of the mission.
In 1957, aerial photography reached new heights with the Russian’s first satellite launch of the Sputnik. This was the beginning of satellite imagery. Then in 1972, with the first launch of Landsat satellites by NASA satellite imagery was sold commercially for the first time.
Today’s Uses
There are many potential commercial and non-commercial uses for photographs taken from above. Today they are used for developing topographic maps, planning land use, archaeology, production of movies, espionage, environmental and weather studies, commercial color advertising for magazines, billboards, posters and postcards, hobbies, and many other fields.
The use of technology has also ventured into this field of photography. Advances in radio control technology have allowed for the use of aircraft models which are controlled from the ground to conduct low-altitude photography. This solution is primarily used for advertising and in the real estate industry to address safety regulations that prohibit manned aircraft from flying at low altitudes over populated areas. These radio-controlled aircraft work well in this environment and offer a low-cost solution to the photographer.
Public Domain
Aerial photographs are public domain because the photos are taken from aerial views which are considered public places. As a result, you will find that there are many ways to view aerial photographs on-line. One of the most popular today can be found at Google Earth. It can be used to identify the best routes for reaching a given destination. You can also view the aerial photographs by tilting and be rotating them on screen.
If you are interested in learning more about this topic you can browse through some basic materials at your local library or use the Internet, which offers a wealth of information on the history, benefits, and commercial service providers.