The Benefits of Insulation

Whether you live in a million pound town home, or a small one bedroom apartment, making sure that it is as energy efficient as possible should be an important task regardless of how much income you have. Most homes today are constructed by a commercial contractor in such a way that they require less energy than those that were built a generation ago. One way in which you can help to reduce heating and cooling costs is to install double glazed windows.

You probably think that double glazed windows have been around for many years, this is true, but the new technology that is used in the designs has made them an even more attractive option. The basic design is the same; they incorporate two independent panes of glass held in a single frame, between which is a non-toxic gas such as oxygen or argon. Apart from the way in which they promote energy efficiency, they also provide homeowners with other benefits, for instance about reducing noise pollution and enhancing security.


Your home’s windows are one of the major factors that determine how warm the air in particular rooms is. The gas that is situated in-between the two glass panels helps to reduce the transfer of heat from indoors to out, and vice versa. Insulation is the key to stopping heat loss.

It is suggested that a typical utility bill can be reduced by the as large amount as twenty percent if a home is fitted with new window designs. As the average electricity bill in England now tops two thousand pounds annually, the savings that are on offer are too great to be ignored.

Another advantage that can be had with this window design is noise reduction. If you enjoy peace, the constant drone from outside can be extremely frustrating. If your home is close to a busy road, or a school or factory, the non-stop noise may drive you crazy. With a new window design installed in each of your rooms, the sound waves would not be able to enter the property so easily. For a relatively small investment, quality of life can be dramatically enhanced.

With crime rates on the rise both in rural and urban areas, the potential risk of a burglar trying to enter your home is high, for this reason, it is essential that you take steps that can help boost the security of your residence. A window can be a weak point that is targeted by would-be intruders.

It is important to consider changing any locks or windows that are more than fifteen years old. The latest frames and pane designs are a lot harder to tamper with. Therefore they are in themselves a deterrent to a thief.


When considering different designs of double glazed windows, you should not overlook the choice of frame. The frames chosen should suit the look and feel of your home, and be the right option for the local climate. By doing a fair amount of research, you can find a product that brings you many benefits.
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