Features of Online Marketing

marketing or online marketing is the business mantra for the day. Online
marketing is the practice of using all facets of online advertising and
publicity mechanisms to generate a promising response from your target
audience. It combines both the creative and technical aspects of being online,
including development, design, advertising, and marketing. Display advertising,
search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, and interactive
advertising also fall under the board spectrum of online marketing.



Features of
Online Marketing



Fast and easy
internet access




Online marketing
is a component of electronic commerce. Information management, customer
service, public relations, and sales are the various facets of online
marketing. Online marketing has become popular due to the fast and easy
internet access from anywhere in the world. With the rapidly shrinking global
business community, the right message and the right exposure is very important.




Several business 




Online marketing
has several business models. Among them, B2B (business-to-business) and B2C
(business-to-consumer) are the most applicable. B2B entails two business houses
connected with each other online and doing their business transactions over the
internet. When a business firm directly sells their products to the consumer or
end-user online, it is then called B2C online marketing.




Dynamic, fast and
very competitive




Online marketing
is dynamic, fast and very competitive. With a host of bidding options and
platform sites, both users and service providers can benefit from great rates,
transparency, quality check as well as volumes of business.








Compared with
other traditional media marketing options like television, radio, and print
online marketing yields faster results. It is more business oriented than being
just a brand campaign and has, therefore, become very popular with small and
medium businesses that have tighter marketing budgets. The cost of acquisition
is more fruitful than the traditional media. In the last decade, there has been
a rising shift in ad budget allocation for online marketing.